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We are a video production company based in St. Louis, Missouri, that specializes in providing dynamic, low altitude aerial footage to film, broadcast, and commercial clients around the world. We use custom-built remote controlled drones, industry leading gimbal stabilization, and a variety of digital HD cameras to capture footage from unique perspectives.

Aerial video production in St. Louis. We get the best Arch shots.

We provide an alternative to traditional film production by replacing costly and time-consuming equipment such as helicopters, cranes, jibs, sliders, and dollies. We are able to seamlessly transition between different shots, angles, and perspectives, a film technique that has never been available before.

Different Types of Creative Aerial Photography Techniques You Can Use

Are you looking for ways to take your aerial photography to the next level? Have you ever considered using drones for spectacular and unique visuals? Look no further!

Let’s we’ll explore the various drone aerial photography techniques you can use to capture great photos.

Low altitude aerial imaging

Low altitude aerial imaging is one of the MANY ways drones are being used for aerial photography. Low altitude drone operations simply refer to using drones to acquire an aeronautical imaging perspective from either close proximity or a reasonable distance from the ground. This type of drone photography allows you to capture images from a variety of perspectives that would normally need an airplane or helicopter, but in an easier, safer, and more cost-effective manner.

When it comes to low altitude drone shots, there are several different techniques you can use:

• Hover mode: This technique involves manually controlling the drone’s movements so that it can hover and move in any direction for up to 5-15 minutes at a time.

• Waypoint navigation: This is one of the more complex methods used when controlling mid-size and large drones and requires pre-programming GPS coordinates into the drone’s flight paths.

• Close Proximity Operations (CPO): When a very close subject matter is needed such as industrial inspections or infrastructure monitoring, CPO mode is often used. This method requires the pilot to keep their distance but also be near enough (about 20-30 meters) in case manual control needs to be applied quickly; such as if an obstacle or hazard appears unexpectedly while in flight.

These techniques serve as valuable tools that enable photographers and filmmakers alike to take stunning shots from above with their camera-equipped drones. Low altitude aerial imaging can provide versatile visuals for both still pictures and video which make them perfect for real estate agents, commercial businesses as well as Youtubers who want amazing footage for their shots!

Drone pilot and camera operator shooting low level photos and video.
Drone pilot and camera operator shooting low level photos and video.

High altitude photography techniques.

High altitude photography is a key technique for successfully capturing aerial images from a drone. Drone aerial photography at high altitudes has opened the door to a range of new possibilities and is often used in commercial applications as well as for various recreational activities. It is essential to use appropriate techniques when taking pictures from different heights, though, in order to get the most out of your shots.

When shooting aerial photography from drones at higher altitudes, it is important to pay attention to the camera angle and exposure settings that will be used. The correct angles and exposure settings will help you best capture the desired elements in your images. Additionally, flying higher elevations can enable you to capture wider vistas and expansive landscape shots, so it pays off to adjust your position accordingly when aiming to shoot larger scale subjects.

When taking photos using high altitude drone photography techniques,you should also pay special attention to the shutter speed and ISO settings of your camera. Increasing these settings can help you create smoother photos without motion blur or noise when shooting in motion or capturing subjects with increased action or movement. You can also adjust these settings depending on whether you intend on printing out large scale prints or sharing images digitally on social media.

Finally, It’s prudent to use lighter equipment whenever possible if planning longer flights since weight limitations are generally more strict for drones travelling at higher altitudes due to FAA regulations regarding flight times and distances covered by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Using lightweight equipment will extend battery life so that you can take more pictures during each flight session with minimal airtime being devoted solely for constantly recharging batteries. Utilizing efficient gear will help prevent any unnecessary strain caused by carrying heavy equipment which could also impact stability during flight maneuvers. By investing time into researching ways of optimizing your gear, you’ll be able maximize drone photo sessions conducted at high altitudes without cutting any corners.

High altitude shot of downtown St. Louis Missouri.
High altitude shot of downtown St. Louis Missouri.

Night time drone aerial shots

Night time drone aerial shots are a unique and creative way to capture the world from a unique perspective. Drone aerial photography techniques such as using long exposures to capture the city lights and smoothly transition from day to night can be used for stunning visuals for commercial use. Using the right settings on your drone, you can set the camera shutter speed on long enough so that stars will appear in the captured images as well. This type of shot is best taken at a high altitude since it allows for better overall photographs and less interference from street lamps.

When shooting night time drone aerial shots, special care should also be taken to avoid light pollution as much as possible. Lights from street signs and buildings may flood a frame and make it difficult to capture accurate images of the sky. It’s also important to pay attention to any local flying restrictions or specific rules concerning drones that may be in place before planning a sky shot. By taking inventory of potential obstacles beforehand, photographers can plan ahead and ensure that their photos come out looking professional and stunning!

Nigh time drone flights are available with our specially licensed pilots
Nigh time drone flights are available with our specially licensed pilots
Robert Haller, Drone Specialist

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