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St Louis Drones offers the finest in high-resolution oblique aerial photography.   We combine attractive lighting with a pleasing perspective and  professional equipment to capture exceptional aerial photographs.   My post-production edits, are normally very subtle and are essential to a superior final product.  Here is a beautiful shot of the GM Plant in Wentzville, Missouri near St Louis.

st louis drones aerial photography gm wentzville plant

st louis drones aerial photography gm wentzville plant

St Louis Aerial Photography

We had a beautiful day for shooting some great images for Nestle Purina PetCare!  Thank You!

For safety and quality, we shoot with a two-man crew, and we are fully insured. We adhere to FAA guidelines. Our pilot always keeps visual contact with the drone, while our navigator guides and directs the shot. Our Video clips are really High Definition HD at 4K and positively stable! Still jpg images are 12 megapixel HD. All media is digital for universal media acceptance and loaded to dropbox for your convenience.

St Louis Aerial Photography and Video Production


Nestlé Purina’s commitment to pet welfare is about envisioning, as a team, what they can do to enrich the lives of pets and the people who love them. It’s about partnering with local organizations that support pets AND people to accomplish something bigger. And it’s about having unconditional support from the bottom up and from the top down to take initiative within their communities.


St Louis Drones – Quite an Air Force we have!

Our gear, like our crew, is top of the line. We can provide the tools you need for the shots you require.
DJI Phantom with GoPro Camera
DJI Inspire with 4K Camera
S900 with Sony Camera
S1000 with 5D Camera
Dragon Red Epic Camera

Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer

News Report Fox 2 Mandy Murphy St Louis Drones | Commercial Video Production Company

Here is a report on our creative crew members from Fox 2 News Mandy Murphy

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – The FAA last week decided to allow commercial use of drones under strict guidelines. The decision has been in the works since 2005 and still needs final approval. Current rules for drones are to fly for recreation. If commercial you need a pilot’s license. The new FAA rules allow for drones under 55 pounds, you must fly below 500 feet, further than 5 miles from an airport and not directly overhead of people. You must maintain constant visual line of site with the drone.

Haller Concepts of South County is already using drones from commercial photography and video. Safety is the most important aspect for Haller. They always use a two-man crew. One person operates the drone and keeps constant line of sight while the other watches the shot and directs the operator. Haller and many others like them will get their certificate of authorization.

Technology is far outpacing government rules. Law enforcement across the country are interested in using drones. St. Louis Police have asked for permission from the FAA. Groups like drone free St. Louis are opposed to police drones. They want strict privacy rules from the government.

Right now, the new ruling does not allow for companies like Amazon to begin delivering packages using a GPS drone. Line of sight is still required. It may take a year or two for the new FAA rules to be fully implemented.

Here is the original link from Fox 2 News

St Louis Commercial Development Drone Video Tour | Aerial Photography and Video Production

Every flight shows us something new, but our keen creative vision remains the same We provide creative, effective and timely aerial services in a safe, respectful and professional manner, one positive client experience at a time! This clip was for Cushman and Wakefield Commercial Dalphen. We shot numerous stills and video clips to showcase the geographic footprint of the property.

Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer

Aerial Photography in Saint Louis | Drone Helicopter

The list of new aerial capabilities is growing fast. With many years of building, flying and filming with manned helicopters and Drones St Louis Drones is a foremost industry leader. The sure premium provider in St Louis and the Missouri region demonstrations with an extensive client list of advertising clients, media gurus, developers and high end fortune 500 clients. Few aerial companies posses the knowledge and in depth years of experience needed to fly safely and effectively the first time. With surpassing expertise operating in urban and suburban environments our pilots operate our film drones on location. Safety comes first and equipment is triple checked. We are fully insured so you can rest assured you’re covered.

Ready for takeoff and focusing on the big picture!

Rob Haller, St Louis Photographer/Navigator

Aerial Photography St. Louis

Video taping aerial photography for BBS Manufacturing Company. Our specialized drones have cameras that are capable of high quality digital still photography and full HD video. Our drone pilot and navigator safely provide HD Aerial Footage for Feature Films, Television, Independent Films, Commercials, Documentaries, Real Estate Aerial Photography, Aerial Inspection, Development, Construction & just about anything else you can imagine or dream about.


Rob Haller, Aerial Photographer and Videographer

Drone Navigator

St Louis Drones

Drone Aerial Imagery | St Louis Missouri Botanical Garden


Shooting recently at the Missouri Botanical Garden was fun, easy and done very safely with our professional 2 man crew. Thanks everyone for all of your help. We did a quick scout and found three key locations. The first area we hovered about 100 feet, the second at 250 feet and the third at about 175 feet. All three angles turned in some nice aerial imagery in Saint Louis. We like to shoot as close to the FAA requirements as possible. The pilot always has his eyes on the drone and controls all movement. The navigator views the imagery from a hooded television monitor. The navigator stands always to the left of the pilot to guide them towards the proper shot. We stay away five miles from airports and below 400 feet.


Rob Haller, Aerial Photographer and Videographer

Drone Navigator

St Louis Drones

Aerial Drone Photography and Video Is Best Served With A Two Man Crew!

We have researched the drone industry, read quite a bit and have flown hundreds of hours.  We believe in safety, so we believe our two man crew is a necessity.  The pilot keeps his eye on the drone at all times, no exceptions.  The navigator, keeps an eye on the viewfinder to get the shot, as well as the surrounding environment.  We often select a secluded safe spot for launch.  We discuss each shot in advance so we know the motion path in advance.  There is constant communication with the pilot and navigator throughout the flight.  Pan left, tip down, up 10 feet, ok taking the image, got it, time to land.  The four hundred foot ceiling is fine.  In fact, we’ve shot over 45 acres of inventory, and required a ceiling of less than 300 feet.  Often when we are shooting photographs or video we are not above 150 feet.  We stay five miles away from airports. We do not fly directly overhead of people. The unit is all plastic and weighs less than 2.75 pounds. The quality drone art form takes place with years of video production and software experience, proper flight motion path,  a quality gimbal and the capture of a high end HD camera.  True creative and usable quality images are best flown with a safe Two Man Crew!


Pre-flight checks and ready for take off!

Drone's eye view!

Dave Topping

Aerial Photographer, Producer and Pilot

Rob Haller

Aerial Photographer, Director and Navigator


St Louis Drones capabilities growing in many markets.

The list of new drone aerial capabilities is growing fast. Cost comparison to a manned helicopter is off the charts!

Safety First!  We possess the knowledge and experience needed to fly drones safely and effectively.  We operate in urban and suburban environments.  Safety comes first and equipment is triple checked. We are fully insured so you can rest assured you’re covered. Our drones are capable of other various aerial tasks in a wide array of aerial applications.


Here are some other markets that utilize our aerial photography and video services.

Marketing / Advertising

Building Contractors


Land Development

Real Estate



Land Appraisal

Business Inventory

Wildlife Management



Aerial Data Collection

Resorts and Recreation

Legal / Forensic Data Collection

Fire Control

Golf Course Planning

Auto Dealer Inventory

Retail Site Planning

Personal Property Documentation

Estate Photography

Insurance Damage Assessment

Structure and Barrier Inspection

Earthquake Damage Inspection

Video Production

TV News / Commercials



Rob Haller, Photo and Video Wingman

St Louis Drones